North Macedonia

“Unknown Memories of Conflicts” Workshop

4 – 8 April 2023, Skopje

A theatre workshop, conducted by the project Artistic Director, is made in Skopje, organized by North Macedonian Centre of ITI, addressed to local emerging and established theatre practitioners interested in theatre methodologies based on evocative drama, conflict and catharsis.

It is a practical investigation on the issue of Conflict and Memories and runs parallel to a video-theatre work made by North Macedonian Centre of ITI on military graveyards of Balkan Wars, World War I, World War II.

Visual Dramaturgy
Visual Research Materials (WW1 Military Graveyards in North Macedonia (Skopje, Bitola, Valandovo, Prilep, Skocivir, Capari, Dobroveni) – photo and video digital exhibitions).
Video Theatre Project
Trailer (KRIEG – Male Version (Soldier in Agony).
LINK (Promotional Photos).
Trailer (A-C-I-N-S-E-L-A-K – Female Version (Soldier in Agony).
LINK (Promotional Photos).
Cast and Crew
Producer, visual dramaturg, adaptation, director – Ivanka Apostolova Baskar
Actor: Zdravko Stojmirov
Actress: Filareta Atanasova
Camera/Editing (audio-visual; color correction; sound design): Mihailo Apostolov
Experimental Drawings: Luna Salamon
Photography: Vesna Apostolova Brishkoska
Poetry Book: Kalesnica (1970) by Svetlana Hristova (inspiration)


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