Distilleria De Giorgi, Lecce (Italy)


Coworking in Lecce between artists, cultural and social operators and experts in digital humanities

20 – 23 March 2024, Lecce

At the heart of the project are the practices of Social and Community Theatre, which aim to involve people and communities in theatre, considering art as a main vehicle for encounter, social inclusion, confrontation, respect and enhancement of diversity.

A three-days coworking session is held in Lecce in presence between Augmented and Virtual Reality experts, an artistic workgroup, cultural and social operators in order to develop innovative methods based on new technologies combined with artistic social practices, dealing with the complex issue of conflict transformation through theatre and cultural heritage.

The co-working continues online and face-to face in the Residences.

International Residence “Conflict and Migration”

April 2024

Main topic of the last Residence, coordinated by ITI Italia, is “Conflict and Migrations“, considering migrations as a consequence of high and low intensity conflicts and of colonial exploitations.
The Residence in presence is carried out in Salento, an area in the South of Italy, a land of migrations, a peninsula in the Mediterranean.

As well as the two previous residences this final residence starts online with three Masterclasses which aim to a wider involvement of the audience and to share the Residence contents.
The titles of the Masterclasses are: “Female myth, rebuilding the Oikos – Hestia”, “Social practices for performing arts” and “Spatial Augmented Reality and holography for performing arts”.
During the Residence, the full-immersion rehearsals are made, involving the international group of theatre artists, that further elaborate the artistic creation and incorporate the stimuli coming from the Residence activities.

As the other Residences, this Residence includes: Inter-community Labs focused on the methodology of Social and Community Theatre addressed to local communities, artists, students, refugees; coworking sessions with artistic augmented reality and videos interventions for the international co-production.
It ends with the final version of the site-specific presentation of the international co-production in an important archaeological site.

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