International Residence “Conflicts and Memories”

November 2023, Zakynthos

The second Residence is held in the beautiful island of Zakynthos, coordinated by the Greek partner Theatro tsi Zakythos.
The main theme of the Residence is Conflict and Memories, with several community-telling actions, specifically on the memories of World War II of Zakynthos community.
The methodology that is used is related to the practice of Social and Community Theatre with a work on memories search that starts much before the Residence.

The Residence starts with the online Masterclasses on “Female Myth as a common cultural heritage – Mnemosyne”, which is the main myth developed in Zakynthos Residence, on “Conflicts and Memories” and on video-techniques for performing arts.

The Residence in-presence activities in Zakynthos include: two-weeks of intensive rehearsals for the performance which is presented in the village of Melinado, in the ancient temple of Opitaida Artemis;
Inter-community Lab activities with the community of Zakynthos, including local associations, high school students that focus on the theme of conflict transformation (“Through the generations”, “Community-telling”, “Singing Memories, Conviviality”); co-working sessions between artists, cultural operators, extended reality experts, video experts from the AVR Lab and ITI North Macedonia.

At the end of the Residence the site-specific performance with the group of the international artists is presented in the beautiful archaeological site of Melinado (Zakynthos Island, Greece).

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