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International Residence “CROSSROADS AND BORDERS”

14 – 25 September 2023, Constanta

The first international Residence is held in the city of Constanta, situated in an area which is a melting pot of cultures, coordinated by the Constanta Museum of National History and Archaeology.

The Residence focuses on the topic of “Crossroads and Borders” with the reflection that cultural encounters and knowledge are the way to overcome conflicts.

The myth that will act as a lighthouse is Hecate, the goddess of the crossroads.

As all the three Residences this Residence begins with three online Masterclasses on “Female myth as a common cultural heritage – Hecate”, on “Social practices for performing arts” and on “Immersive technologies and video-techniques for digital storytelling”.

The activities in-presence in Constanta include: full-immersion rehearsals work of the international group of artists from Italy, Romania, Greece, North Macedonia and other countries; Inter-community Labs activities (“Through the generations”, “Community-telling”, “Singing Memories – Conviviality”) with local cultural agents, youth, migrants, associations; co-working sessions between artists, archaeologists and the Innovation Team made by engineers, operators of cultural heritage and experts of extended reality.

At the end of the Residence, the collective, multi-language, site-specific performance is presented in the important archaeological site of the Roman Baths in Constanta.

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