“Unknown Memories of Conflicts” Workshop 4 – 8 April 2023, Skopje A theatre workshop, conducted by the project Artistic Director, is made in Skopje, organized by North Macedonian Centre of ITI, addressed to local emerging and established theatre practitioners interested in theatre methodologies based on evocative drama, conflict and catharsis.Read More →

museo Costanta

International Residence “CROSSROADS AND BORDERS” 14 – 25 September 2023, Constanta The first international Residence is held in the city of Constanta, situated in an area which is a melting pot of cultures, coordinated by the Constanta Museum of National History and Archaeology. The Residence focuses on the topic ofRead More →


International Residence “Conflicts and Memories” November 2023, Zakynthos The second Residence is held in the beautiful island of Zakynthos, coordinated by the Greek partner Theatro tsi Zakythos. The main theme of the Residence is Conflict and Memories, with several community-telling actions, specifically on the memories of World War II ofRead More →

Distilleria De Giorgi, Lecce (Italy)

Coworking in Lecce between artists, cultural and social operators and experts in digital humanities 20 – 23 March 2024, Lecce At the heart of the project are the practices of Social and Community Theatre, which aim to involve people and communities in theatre, considering art as a main vehicle forRead More →